"Astrometrica" User Info

"Astrometrica" User Information

Updated 1999 November 28
This page contains recent information which is of interest to the users of "Astrometrica", such as new releases, bug fixes, etc. It is updated as needed, so you may have a look this page from time to time.

Currently, this page offers information about:

"Astrometrica" Version 3.2

The following new features are available in version 3.20 of "Astrometrica":

New features of Version 3.21: New features of Version 3.22: New features of Version 3.23: New features of Version 3.24: New features of Version 3.25:


Registered users can download an update (247 kB, EXE and README files only) to version 3.25. A complete version (357 kB) is available here. Users of older versions than 3.2 must also contact the author to receive their personal license file as e-mail attachement.

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New astrometric catalogs and "Astrometrica"

Some interesting new astrometric catalogs have become available in the past months:

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Tools for download

This section offers some tools for download. These tools were developed by users of "Astrometrica", and they are probably of interest to other users.

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Problems and Bug Reports

Problems with SVGA graphics mode and mouse operations:

"Astrometrica" uses a SVGA graphics interface developed by
Jordan Hargrave. It supports both the standard VGA 640x350 mode and the SVGA 800x600 high resolution modes. Although the graphics interface supports a number of SVGA chipsets (see list below), using a VESA compatible graphics card is highly recommended. If you card has no ROM VESA support, you will probably find a TSR that implements a VESA interface on the disks you got with your graphics card.

If you encounter any problems using the graphics display of "Astrometrica", check the list below for possible reasons and solutions:

If you have checked the points listed above and still can't get the SVGA display to work, please contact the author of "Astrometrica".

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